Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom’s income grew to RUR 523 billion ($16.6 billion with an averaged exchange rate) in 2009, up by 123% compared with 2008, according to its first-ever public annual report, released in November. Net income was RUR 38.7 billion, 250% up over 2008, although net assets also grew in the same period by 133%. Export sales excluding HEU were RUR 3.65 billion ($115.9 million), up 104% compared with 2008.

An umbrella organisation for fuel cycle factories, reactor design, construction, and operation, and decommissioning, Rosatom’s roster has 275 000 employees, and average monthly industry salary was RUR 3394, up 115%, it said.

The 372-page document outlines the financial performance of the organisation, and decribes its activities, strategy, corporate governance, environmental safety and human resources.

It was published voluntarily “to attain higher transparency and accountability of its activities before the broad range of stakeholders”, according to Rosatom.