The Rostov Construction and Installation Department of MosSoyuzatomenergomontazh (MosSAEM) has installed the lower layer of the containment and laid 70 tonnes of pipelines. The cooling pond was concreted to the level of 28.8 m, and the reactor vault to 33.6 m. However, only 79 of 126 points of the monthly programme were fulfilled, with just 66% of the funds spent.

Key tasks for July include preparing the reactor shell for mounting, installing elevators in the reactor compartment and two cranes in the solid radioactive waste storage facility.

Rosatom and Rosenergoatom management have decided to appoint Alexander Palamarchuk to head the construction of Rostov. Rosatom has appointed Valery Limarenko to direct the project and to ensure its completion in 2009.

In related news, the inter-department commission for allocation of industrial resources in Russia’s Leningrad region has approved a declaration of intentions to finance the construction of the 3rd and 4th units of the second Leningrad nuclear power plant (LNPP-2).

The facility will replace the units of the existing Leningrad nuclear plant.

The approval came after the chief engineer of the LNPP-2 project, A.Kazarian, told the Commission about the key parameters of the units and the improvements that followed the remarks and proposals made during the discussions of the draft declaration.