Ørsted and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners have entered into a partnership to develop approx. 5.2 GW of offshore wind in Denmark across four projects.

The two companies have decided to join forces in a new 50/50 partnership to develop a number of offshore wind projects under the open-door scheme in Denmark. The projects are ‘Vikinge Banke’ (1.1 GW) and ‘Jyske Banke Nord’ (1.1 GW) in the North Sea, and ‘Bornholm Bassin Syd’ (1.5 GW) and ‘Bornholm Basin Øst’ (1.5 GW) in the Baltic Sea. Together, the projects correspond to more than double Denmark’s current installed offshore wind capacity, and they represent a key contribution to the green transformation of Denmark and Europe.

The offshore wind farms will be established without support from Danish taxpayers and they will contribute significantly to growth and job creation in Denmark.

The partnership between Ørsted and CIP encompasses the development, construction, and operation of the offshore wind farms as well as the related transmission assets. The partnership envisages that the open-door projects can create a Danish Power-to-X stronghold by delivering large-scale renewable electricity as soon as possible and with a target of 2027/2028 if that is feasible.

Rasmus Errboe, Head of Region Continental Europe at Ørsted commented: "The four … projects can help consolidate Denmark's continued leadership position and create the foundation to kick-start the next phase of a Danish business adventure around the production of renewable hydrogen and green fuels. I’m very excited about the partnership with CIP where we combine our unique skills and knowledge to develop a substantial part of Denmark's offshore wind resources.”

Torsten Lodberg Smed, Senior Partner at Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, said: ”If we succeed in completing the projects, we’ll also ensure the renewable electricity needed to give the Danish Power-to-X industry a much-needed boost, and we’re pleased with the support from the Danish pension funds and their members, who prioritise and invest in the green transition."

Image courtesy of Ørsted / CIP