Russia’s Federal Grid Company, the operator of the country’s HV transmission grid, has signed a Strategic Co-operation Agreement with Siemens AG. The two companies will co-operate on the implementation of Siemens technologies such as HVDC transmission and smart grid solutions in the FGC grid. The agreement also includes the production of Siemens electrical and electronic engineering equipment in Russia and the servicing and refurbishment of installed Siemens equipment on power facilities belonging to FGC.

“The planned modernisation of the Russian power grid will raise the good relationship we have enjoyed with the grid operator FGC over many years to a new level,“ said Udo Niehage, CEO of the Power Transmission Division of Siemens Energy. It is intended that the co-operative effort will optimise efficiency-enhancing technologies for the Russian power grid and ensure that they are then put to use. An additional goal is the expansion of local production facilities for modern and efficient systems and equipment such as power transformers, high-voltage switching devices and medium-voltage switchgear.

The Federal Grid Company, which owns Russia’s 118 000 km of long-distance power grid, has announced that it plans to invest EUR12 billion from 2010 to 2012 in its development. Russia represents the fourth largest power market in the world.