As recently as 27 March 2007 Bill Reynen of Canmet, the R&D arm of Canada’s energy ministry Natural Resources Canada told the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum: “SaskPower’s Clean Coal Project Proposal for end-June 2007 will include business case analyses addressing cost, risk and revenue expectations, provisional equipment and construction contracts for immediate acceptance, provisional CO2 sales agreements for immediate acceptance, and a project execution plan.”

SaskPower has previously announced a C$20 million ($18.9 million) pre-commitment feasibility study with Air Liquide and Babcock&Wilcox to evaluate its capabilities to capture by 2011 about 90% of the CO2 emitted from the furnace during lignite coal combustion at a planned 300 MW expansion of SaskPower’s Shand generating station.

SaskPower would transport the captured CO2 to the nearby Weyburn-Midale oilfield for injection deep underground and sequestration in enhanced oil recovery operations.

SaskPower has not yet published a revised disclosure date for its go or no-go decision on carbon dioxide capture at Shand while the company’s CCS project manager Max Ball told MPS: “We are not in a position to discuss the clean coal project.”

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