Technology and engineering group Sener has started construction of the Noor II and Noor III solar plants in Morocco.

The Spanish group won a contract worth more than €500 million to build the two thermosolar plants, which together with Noor I, will boast a production capacity of 510 MW and will be the largest thermosolar power complex in the world.

Sener was responsible for the turnkey construction of the 160 MW Noor I plant, which will start operating this year. It said on 27 May that it would start building Noor II and Noor III immediately. Construction will start at Noor II while breaking ground at Noor III is due to take place this year. Both projects are scheduled to be completed in 2017.

Noor I is equipped with Sener’s cylindrical parabolic trough technology, while the 200 MW Noor II plant will use the second generation of Sener’s troughs and molten salt storage. The 150 MW Noor III facility will employ central tower technology with molten salt used for both heat transfer and its 8 hour storage capacity.