Following an agreement with the Moroccan government Siemens is to build a factory in Tangier to manufacture rotor blades for onshore wind turbines, creating up to 700 jobs and tripling Siemens’ footprint in the country. The construction of the factory is expected to start in the spring this year and is scheduled to commence operations in early 2017.
"Morocco is the perfect location from which to serve the growing onshore wind power markets in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The economy is strong, the political climate is stable, and Morocco has a young, skilled and motivated workforce" commented Markus Tacke, CEO of the Siemens Wind Power and Renewables division.
The Moroccan government’s target is to generate 42 % of its energy demand from renewables by 2020, of which 20 % will come from wind power. This target was revised upwards during an announcement at the COP 21 meeting in Paris and is now set to 52 % by 2030.
The planned production facility will have a surface area of 37 500 square metres and will be located in Tanger Automotive City, which is 35 km from Tanger Med port.