Siemens Energy has received orders from IPPs in Thailand for a total of 20 SGT-800 industrial gas turbines, combined capacity 1010 MW, to be used in various combined cycle cogeneration power plants in the country. The contract is part of the Thai government’s programme to support small power producers. The end customers are the Thai independent power producers Amata B.Grimm Power, which ordered 10 turbines, SSUT & PPTC (six turbines), and IRPC Clean Power (four turbines). Each of the units sold is rated at 50.5 MW (MW. Siemens will also deliver five industrial steam turbines of type SST-400 for ABP.
Including installation and commissioning, the order value for Siemens is over €300 million.

"Siemens obtained orders in 2010 and 2011 for 20 industrial gas turbines in Thailand, and18 of these have already gone into commercial operation," said Thierry Toupin, CEO of the gas turbines/generators business unit at Siemens Energy. "All of them have met or exceed the contractually promised values in terms of capacity and efficiency, which was a decisive factor in the Thai small power producers opting again for Siemens’ SGT-800 gas turbines."

The 20 new GTs will be deployed in ten different plants located in industrial parks, most of them located within 200 km of Bangkok. For some of the gas turbines, Siemens will also be delivering inlet cooling coils to increase GT output by around 10 MWe. All the units are being manufactured at the Siemens plant in Finspong, Sweden.

The order is part of the third phase of the Thai government’s programme to support small-scale electricity producers. The amount of support provided depends on the amount of primary energy saved by the plants. A requirement of receoving the subsidy is that at least five percent of the thermal energy produced in the form of steam or hot water be made available to consumers in the industrial sector. This increases the fuel utilisation rate of the entire power plant.