SPIE, the multi-technical services supplier, and contractor Dura Vermeer are joining forces to construct the major portion of the new 380 kV overhead interconnection between Doetinchem in The Netherlands and Niederrhein in Germany. SPIE will handle the electrotechnical work, including mounting the cables, on the Netherlands side while Dura Vermeer will be responsible for the civil works. Client TenneT is said to have selected the consortium because of their commitment to achieving the power connection on a strict timetable, with safety and environmental considerations as a high priority. The Dutch part of the interconnection must be in place by 15 June 2017 at the latest.
The new connection is necessary to meet the growing volume of wind and solar energy, making it necessary to increase the electricity exchange capacity between Germany and the Netherlands. The new connector is, in part, to be a combined line with both 150 kV and 380 kV circuits. The 150 kV part will replace the existing 150 kV interconnection. The masts of this old overhead line will eventually disappear from the landscape.
The new connector will consist of 54 ‘Wintrack’ masts over a distance of approximately 21 km. Wintrack is a new concept for high-voltage lines. The innovative design is said to achieves a substantial reduction in the magnetic fields generated by the power lines.