Operator Tepco has started up two water evaporators in full-scale operation in the contaminated water treatment facility at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The desalination system is intended to remove salt from radioactive contaminants, and produce fresh water to inject into the reactors.

The evaporators supplement a reverse osmosis desalination system that is currently operating. The reverse osmosis system accepts 1200t/day of water from the decontamination system, according to a Tepco overview of the treatment system from 3 August. It produces 720 t/day for the evaporation system, which is expected to produce 480 t/day of fresh water. According to Japanese news channel NHK, six more evaporators are planned to be installed.

In other news, pump failures that stopped the water treatment system over the weekend were fixed on 7 August, according to a Tepco report.

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