Recognising the best in gas and coal fuelled generation technology

The scope of this year’s awards has been extended to include gas fired generation technology.

Coal will remain the major contributor to the world’s electricity generation capacity for some years to come, but its environmental impacts must be reduced, while at the same time remaining economically competitive.

We at Modern Power Systems want to recognise the efforts going on to improve coal and gas fuelled generation technologies, and to introduce innovation.

To qualify, the innovation must have been implemented in a coal or gas fuelled plant that has recently entered operation or is under construction. The judging criteria will be the degree of technical challenge, the benefit to the user and society at large, and the commercial aspects.


In the first instance we invite entrants (who could be individual companies or a group of organisations, including, for example, a utility plus vendors) to provide a brief description of their innovation in about 300 words setting out clearly their reasons for nominating it.

Entries should be emailed to James Varley at Modern Power Systems, (tel +44 208 269 7766) to arrive by 18 April 2010. Following the drawing up of a short list we may ask for further information.

Winners to be announced in May 2011.