The study is being commissioned by the owner of Mersey Docks & Harbour Company, Peel Holdings, and the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA), and is being carried out by engineering consultants Buro Happold.

The final results of the study are due to be unveiled at the Mersey Basin Campaign’s annual conference in November.

Richard Brewster, director of Peel Environmental, said: “The consultants have been asked to consider the broadest possible range of technologies. Nothing is ruled in or out until there has been a thorough evaluation. At the same time, consideration of the environmental affects of the various technologies is a key element of the study.”

Peter Nears, strategic planning director for Peel Holdings added: “The North West of England with its extensive and, in places, exposed coastline, offers great potential for harnessing the natural power of wave and tide. This study will provide vital information on the prospect for marine renewable energy generation on the Mersey and elsewhere in the region.”

With its very large tidal range of 8-10 m, the Mersey is potentially one of the best sites for tidal stream energy in the world.

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