High speed generator specialist Turbo Genset has announced its first commercial order for gensets, an US$8.5 million contract to supply 400 kW generators to the American company DTE Energy Technologies. Pre-commercial units are to be delivered later this year, with commercial units following in early 2002. The generators will be part of a micro-generator set being developed by DTE with a Pratt & Whitney turbine and Woodward fuel system.

The company sees huge potential in the distributed power market, particularly in the USA, where escalating demand and weaknesses in the transmission and distribution structure are creating the need for increasing amounts of local generation; and therefore acknowledges no obstacle by virtue of size to the use of its gensets, currently limited to 2 MW.

This has been a good year for Turbo Genset, who earlier announced a pilot project with BP Amoco for two gensets to be installed at BP’s Wytch Farm oilfield in Dorset, UK, and has initiated a collaboration with GE for the use of its generators in GE’s locomotive diesel engines. It is now listed on the London and Toronto stock exchanges and has raised £30 million through equity financing.