Shin Kori units 3 and 4, located near Pusan Metropolitan City, will be owned and operated by the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company (KHNP), a subsidiary of Korea Electric Power Corp.

The contracts, worth more than $300 million, will see Westinghouse provide components – including reactor coolant pumps and motors, reactor vessel internals, and control element drive mechanisms – instrumentation and control equipment, Man-Machine Interface Systems, and technical and engineering support services for the two plants.

KHNP will be responsible for licensing, procurement and construction, as well as start-up and plant operations.

Jim Fici, Westinghouse senior vice president, said: “In beginning this APR 1400 design generation, Korea helps the world transition to Generation III designs and proves Korean design and construction capability.”

Work will begin almost immediately and will run to 2014.

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