The UK’s Energy Minister, John Battle, announced the government’s plan for the future development of renewable energy, with a total of £43 million being devoted to R&D over the next 3 years.

This was announced in a consultation paper “New and Renewable Energy – Prospects for the 21st Century”. Mr Battle said that producing the target of 10 per cent of UK electricity from renewables appears to be feasible.

As part of this plan, Mr Battle announced the launch of a new wave power programme. Initially, the programme will monitor the development of projects that have been awarded under the third Scottish Renewables Order, and call for research, development and demonstration. He said that further research into wave energy is needed to reassess its potential.

Also on the renewable front, John Battle recently opened a 2.7 MWe plant at Whinney Hill in Lancashire, awarded under NFFO 4. The plant will be used to generate power from landfill gas.