The fall, from 5,955 million tonnes in 2005 to 5,877 million tonnes in 2006, came despite a 3.3% growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Energy demand fell by 0.9 % over the same period driven by factors including weather conditions, higher gas and electricity prices, and the use of a less carbon-intensive fuel mix with more natural gas and non-carbon fuels in the generation of electricity.

Carbon dioxide emissions from industry fell by 1.2% in 2006 while those from residential and commercial sectors decreased by 3.7% and 1.0% respectively, as heating degree-days declined by 7.4%, while cooling degree-days decreased by almost 1%.

Through to 2006, total US energy-related carbon dioxide emissions have grown by 17.9% since 1990. The preliminary estimates may be found on EIA’s web site at: