Electricity generation from units that primarily consume natural gas in the US Lower 48 states has increased for all hours of the day since 2021, according to data reported to the US Energy Information Administration. The date is reported via its Form EIA-930 Hourly and Daily Balancing Authority Operations Report.

Increased electricity generation from natural gas was owing mostly to coal retirements, increases in natural gas fired electricity generating capacity, and low natural gas prices in 2023.

Off-peak natural gas-fired generation rose about 22% between 2021 and 2023, according to EIA data, displacing coal-fired units as an overnight source of electricity.

Balancing authorities, the organisations responsible for maintaining the US electric grid, report the volume of electricity from electric generators by primary fuel source but may not know actual fuel consumption. EIA collects actual fuel consumption for electricity generation on other EIA surveys and reports these data in the Electric Power Monthly, with a longer data lag and by month.