To meet what it perceives as an increasing global demad Vestas is launching a high-wind version of its V112-3.0 MW wind turbine.

In traditional and mature parts of the global wind market, such as that on the European mainland, there is a need to optimise power production from high-wind sites. At the same time there is also a huge high-wind resources in emerging wind markets. The new V112-3.0 MW IEC S has been developed to meet the perceived need for a productive and reliable 3 MW turbine with a low cost of energy.

“There is great potential in the high-wind IEC 1 segment in large geographical markets such as the US, Canada and Australia. There are also a lot of high-wind resources waiting to be harvested in the emerging markets. Going forward, we expect these markets to drive the growth in onshore wind and the V112-3.0 MW IEC S is developed to give our customers in these markets a solid and reliable return on their investment” said a vestas spokesman.

The new high-wind unit is claimed to offer a low cost of energy by providing a high and reliable energy production, while at the same time securing low operation and maintenance costs. Technically, the V112-3.0 MW IEC S is adapted to high wind-sites through a gearbox modified to handle the increased loads from high-wind speeds. The large swept area increases the efficiency of the turbine. What Vestas calls “unprecedented reliability” has been arrived at through intense testing and verification of the components as well as on seven prototype V112-3.0 MW turbines