Construction is planned to start in July 2007, dependent on construction and operational permits being issued by the local authorities, and all six power plants are due for completion towards the end of 2008.

The six unit have an identical configuration, producing 5.6 MWe, and will burn wood residues from local forests. Electrical output will be fed to the main grid.

Bayernfonds BestEnergy 1 is backed by Bayerische Landesbank.

Meanwhile, Belgian independent power producer Renogen has awarded a second contract to Wärtsilä for a biomass-fuelled CHP plant in the municipality of Amel in the Ardennes.

The new plant will produce 3.29 MWe, and up to 10 MWth for district heating while the electrical output in condensing operation is 5.3 MWe.

The BioPower 5CEX plant will burn non-contaminated wood residues supplied by the local forestry industry and Wärtsilä will deliver the complete plant under an equipment procurement contract (EPC). There is also a contract covering operation and maintenance after the plant is commissioned.

Due for delivery in July 2008, the new plant is a duplicate of the existing BioPower plant installed by Wärtsilä on the same site. Both plants will deliver hot water to local industrial businesses with the electricity generated being fed to the local grid.

Wärtsilä also recently won a contract to deliver a 20 MW BioEnergy boiler plant to the sawmill company LDK Igirma in the Irkutsk region of Russia’s far east.

Wärtsilä will deliver two BioEnergy boiler units, each able to produce 10 MW of heat for the sawmill’s dryer chambers and other heating services. The boilers will burn wood residues from the mill. The boiler equipment will be shipped in September and will be fully operational and handed over to Sibexportles Group in December 2007.

The BioPower plant operates on a closed steam-feed water cycle separate from the hot water system. Superheated steam is generated in an efficient water-tube boiler, and supplied to a high-efficiency reaction-type condensing extraction steam turbine driving an alternator. The water is heated by steam extracted from the turbine.

Both the BioEnergy and BioPower feature patented Wärtsilä BioGrate combustion technology to burn biomass fuels with high efficiency and low NOx and CO emissions.