Cumulative wind power capacity in the EU increased by 22% year on year, seeing 34,205 MW on line by the end of 2004, up from 28,567 MW at the end of 2003. More than 5 GW of capacity was installed in 2004, representing a wind turbine manufacturing turnover of some €5.7 billion. Corin Millais, EWEA chief executive said, “Whilst the market for wind energy in most European countries is still largely undeveloped, two countries (Italy and the Netherlands) passed the 1,000 MW threshold in 2004, indicating that important new European markets are emerging.“

The top five European wind energy markets in 2004 were Spain with 2,065 MW, Germany just behind on 2,037 MW, the UK follows with 240 MW and close behind Portugal and Italy with 224 MW and 221 MW respectively.

Meanwhile, Spanish power house Iberdrola has an installed renewable energy capacity of 3,206 MW, a 42% increase from a year ago, equivalent to almost 1 GW. Wind energy accounts for 2,891 MW of the total capacity. Iberdrola is expected to reach 5,500 MW of renewables by 2008, including around 1 GW located outside Spain.