Two Wisconsin utilities, Madison Gas and Electric Co (MGEC) and Wisconsin Public Service Corp have recieved state regulatory approval for an 83MWe natural gas-fired power plant, Dow Jones reports. The new capacity help meet the state regulator’s demand for additional capacity in Wisconsin by 2000.

The plant will cost around $31 million. Construction is due to begin in June and the unit is expected to enter service in June 2000. It will be built at Wisconsin Public Service Corp’s West Marinette generating station.

In 1997, the state public service commission ordered MGEC to add 100MWe to its capacity by 2000. In November 1998, the company announced plans for a $14.5 million wind farm which, together with its new natural-gas fired unit, will meet this requirement. The public service commission also ordered two other utilities to add a total of 400MWe of capacity by 2000.