Zesco has appointed Mott MacDonald to act as project manager to improve the capacity of transmission network infrastructure along the Kafue-Muzuma-Victoria Falls corridor in Zambia.

The project will be funded by the European Investment Bank and World Bank and includes upgrading the existing 220 kV transmission line and constructing new or enhancing existing substations.

It also involves upgrading the existing 348 km transmission line from Kafue town through Muzuma to Victoria Falls from 220 kV to 330 kV. Mott MacDonald described the project as "a demanding brief".

A new substation at Livingstone will be constructed with the existing bay, line control and monitoring system at Victoria Falls substation upgraded to enhance operational flexibility and reliability. Two substations at Kafue town and Muzuma will also be upgraded and once complete will provide a high level of security and quality of supply for the region.

To keep the transmission link serviceable throughout the upgrade, temporary 220 kV bypass line sections will be constructed on a section by section basis where line upgrades are taking place. At the substations, primary sections will also be bypassed during their upgrade so that the contractor can work efficiently in a non-energised environment.