HOTSTART’s cold room facility

HOTSTART products meet the engine pre-heating needs for gensets, locomotives, heavy machinery, land & marine shipping, oil & gas and machinery OEMs.

HOTSTART engine heaters provide:

  • Easy starts
  • Immediate full power
  • Reduced engine wear
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced fuel consumption.

Reliable, quick-starting engines are critical to delivering power when and where it is needed. HOTSTART engine heating products keep engines always ready, even in the harshest environments. By circulating pre-heated coolant through the engine water jacket, lubrication fluids don’t thicken up and the engine doesn’t have to work as hard upon start-up.

Our products are manufactured in the USA following ISO 9001:2008 processes and meet the extensive demands of our customers.

Engine heating solutions

We are committed to a greener future by providing engine heating solutions designed for evolving environmental concerns. Our Lean Manufacturing practices keep us focussed on continuous improvement of current products as well as research and development of new solutions.

This commitment is evident in HOTSTART’s in-house state-of-the art testing cold room. This facility enables us to replicate the world’s toughest environments, down to -30° F temperatures. We regularly test our products for start-up performance and exhaust emission rates.

Have a specific concern for your engine’s performance? We will bring your engine in and do the testing for you. HOTSTART wants to be your partner for sustainable engine heating solutions.

HOTSTART experience

From design to delivery, HOTSTART provides either off-the-shelf or custom-designed engine heaters for your specific needs.

Our designs address and meet global environmental requirements for emissions and temperature control. Whether you require 18kW or 144kW of power to heat your prime mover, HOTSTART offers turnkey, pre-packaged systems complete with pump/motor, high-limit temperature controller, adjustable thermostat and control box for manual or automatic operation.

Engineered to meet the needs of global engine users in every possible industry, these heating systems provide uniform heating to all locations in the engine, enhancing availability and decreasing wear and tear from cold startups.

HOTflow™ technology

Efficiency is the key to effectively reducing energy consumption. Equipping standby generators with HOTSTART HOTflow™ engine heaters reduces kWhs compared with traditional thermosiphon engine heaters.

HOTflow™ heating systems feature an integrated pump that circulates warm coolant throughout the entire engine at uniform temperatures. Constant circulation of the coolant eliminates hotspots that can deteriorate heater hoses, harm engine seals and diminish coolant life. HOTflow™ heaters rely on fewer heating cycles, saving up to 2000 kWhs a year in energy consumption, while extending heater element life and reducing maintenance work.

HOTflow™ heating systems can heat engines up to 100L displacement with heat power ranging from 1kW up to 12kW. The units are UL listed to the U.S. and Canadian safety standards and CE compliant. They are ideal for diesel and gas engines found in stationary land power, marine, large mining and construction equipment. HOTSTART also offers a HOTflow™ multi-use heating system that heats a combination of liquids simultaneously. The system heats coolant and lube oil or coolant and fuel.

70 years of experience

Established in 1942 with the original patent for engine coolant heating, HOTSTART’s manufacturing headquarters are located in Spokane, Washington. To provide world class customer service and maintain a closer presence to our global customers, HOTSTART has sales offices located in Siegburg, Germany, Katy, Texas and Tokyo, Japan.

Contact HOTSTART today to learn how you can decrease expenses by investing in efficient engine heating while improving availability and decreasing maintenance costs.