RWE Power International is a global engineering and consulting organisation owned by the RWE GROUP. We offer project development support, management support, power plant engineering and consulting services for gas, coal, lignite, nuclear, and other power plants.

The RWE companies combine their full capability under RWE PI, drawing upon the group’s expertise and providing independent services driven by our operational and new-build experience.

Power plant project development and management

RWE Power International’s project development services cover every project phase: from preliminary / concept study to final investment decision.

We provide site selection studies, estimations of capital expenditures and alternative planning for power plant projects. The main component of any project development is the feasibility study and both fully bankable or only partial studies are within our expertise.

RWE PI can give advice on proper scheduling and costing for power projects as well as prepare technical due diligence assessments. We are experienced in studies/documents required to obtain licenses and permits. For owners or contractors we develop suitable contract and procurement strategies. Fully independent, we evaluate suppliers in partnership with our client.

Owner’s engineering and consulting for power plants

An often underestimated and key role in the life cycle of a power plant is an experienced owner’s engineer. The engineering quality baseline is established during construction. Poor management of construction can lead to many problems later in the life of the plant ranging from extended overhauls to correct latent defects through to serious and difficult to resole operational issues.

As an owner’s engineer, RWE Power International provides reliable full-scope services for new-build projects during project execution and implementation through to final handover of the power station to the operator.

Our owner’s engineering and power plant consulting services include:

  • Technical contract management
  • Technical specifications and definition of requirements
  • Design management
  • Review of basic / detailed engineering
  • Operational support
  • Retrofit and modernisation
  • Seminar and training programs

Quality management

RWE Power International’s Quality Centre of Competence is certified to work within International Quality and Environmental Standards DIN ISO 9001 (Quality) and DIN ISO 14001 (Environment). The Quality Centre of competence can therefore help a customer to develop their own quality standards. The integration of necessary quality standards into project processes and structures can be conducted in order to implement suitable audit systems under ISO 9001 & 14001, OSHAS 18001, EFQM, etc.

RWE Power International engineers can lead in quality control inspections such as non-destructive testing. They can perform expert witness roles, conduct material testing at a customer’s site and provide consultancy on materials and technical components. For our customers we also conduct damage analysis, supplier quality evaluations and factory acceptance tests

Enhancing plant performance

RWE Power International offers a holistic approach to enhance plant performance. Specialised techniques are used that will increase plant flexibility in response to varying levels of demand and price, ensure reliability to meet contractual commitments, and achieve greater efficiency to control costs.

Our experts review current plant conditions, examine levels of system redundancy, and advise where best to invest for the most profitable balance between risk and reward.

Retrofit and modernisation services

RWE Power International’s plant refurbishment engineers are specialists in evaluating and upgrading power plants in order to prolong asset life and improve performance. We can devise and implement investment strategies that deliver enhanced asset value. Many thousands of man-hours experience has been acquired in assessing and refurbishing RWE’s own plant portfolio as well as those of our customers around the world. Our expertise spans all types of equipment and all forms of fuel: gas, coal, lignite, nuclear and others.

We can give confidence to power plant operators and owners that the value of its assets will be restored to the most productive level appropriate to the business conditions in which they are operating. Because we are free from ties to specific Original Equipment Manufacturers we are able to select ‘best for purpose’ equipment and source components at the most competitive price.

Power plant maintenance management support

As a leading player in European power markets, RWE Power International has the expertise and resources in power plant maintenance management that few can equal.

Allied to these technical resources is a commercial awareness and understanding of plant operations that adds extra value to the conventional processes of maintenance management. Our approach examines what is happening to your plant, why it is happening and what is the most rewarding way forward for your business. The benefits are significant.

For an overview of RWE Power International’s full services and products, please contact us directly or view our website.