Duke Energy has asked the US nuclear regulator to suspend its application for two proposed new nuclear units on its Harris site in North Carolina.
A subsidiary of Progress Energy submitted the Harris combined construction and operating license (COL) to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in February 2008. Progress, has since been purchased by Duke Energy (July 2012).
Duke said in a statement, 2 May that a "recent forecast" suggested that the units would not be needed "in the next 15 years."
It maintains that the site is still suitable for nuclear development, and could continue to play a part in its long term nuclear expansion plans.
"The Harris site is well suited for new nuclear generation and has not been eliminated from our long-term consideration as a site to expand our nuclear fleet," said Dhiaa Jamil, president of Duke Energy Nuclear.
Duke said that it would continue to pursue its application the NRC for new nuclear generation for the Lee site in South Carolina and the Levy site in Florida.