Suzlon Group has unveiled its new offshore wind turbine, the Repower 6.2M152. The new turbine features a rotor diameter of 152 metres and a rated power output of 6.15 MW. The huge nacelle will be constructed offshore at a hub height of between 95 and 110 metres.
The unit is a successor to the company’s 6.2M126 (126 metre rotor diameter) and is said to achieve an increase in energy yield of up to 20 % at wind speeds of 9.5 m/s. It is also a development of the 6.2M126, unit which has been enhanced by the addition of a bigger rotor and correspondingly larger drive train.
The Hamburg-based company has already sold the prototype 6.2M152.
It has been agreed with the first customer to construct the prototype with a hub height of 124 metres at an onshore site in northern Germany, with construction scheduled for completion by the end of 2014. It is expected to enter commercial production in 2015.
REpower already manufactures the world’s most powerful commercially-produced offshore WTG. Since introducing its multi-megawatt offshore turbines ten years ago, REpower has constructed more than 100 turbines in this capacity bracket.