FlexGen Power Systems, Infinigen Renewables, and ArcLight Capital Partners have announced a milestone hybrid project – 15 MW of storage paired with 32 MW of solar energy. The project is located in the Yabucoa municipality in Puerto Rico and is designated the YFN Yabucoa Solar Project. Infinigen is a wholly owned subsidiary of a fund managed by ArcLight.

The project is aimed at providing a necessary boost for reliability and flexibility in the local grid, and an injection of new power. It will comply with some of the most demanding grid specifications (Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority requirements) by utilising FlexGen's HybridOS energy management system platform and digital controls.

"Energy storage is critical to helping Puerto Rico with extreme weather and grid reliability. The island also has some of the strictest grid requirements in the world,” said Kelcy Pegler, CEO of FlexGen.

Leslie Hufstetler, CEO of Infinigen Renewables commented: "This project expands our current fleet in Puerto Rico to over 100 MW. Coupled with our development pipeline of over 1 GW of renewable assets, it represents another step towards the strategic objective of being the leading developer and operator of solar and storage capacity in Puerto Rico".  

The Yabucoa Project is FlexGen's second in Puerto Rico and builds on a rapidly growing fleet of energy storage assets monitored by their EMS platform throughout the USA for investor-owned utilities, municipal and co-operative utilities, and independent power producers.

Image: FlexGen battery (courtesy of FlexGen Power Systems)